everyone has that “thing” about them that people talk about when you’re not there.


for @NandaRachmi[14/4/14]
failed baeksoo i know. but happy birthday!


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squishy kyungsoo ; for @NandaRachmi[14/4/14]


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Q: What kind of girl is a ‘beautiful one’ to you?

Taeyang: Girls who give me inspiration is beautiful.
Seungri: A girl who tries hard at her job and who is respectful is beautiful.
Daesung: Someone who smiles a lot is beautiful.
TOP: For me, in short, girls who are like my mom are beautiful.
G-Dragon: For me, a ‘beautiful person’ is one with a beautiful heart.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @NandaRachmi !!!!!! [ 14/04/13 ]

Thankyou dwi♥♥♥♥♥♥

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someone call the doctor.


Happy birthday to my angel, Oh Sehun
You're beautiful. You're beautiful in every single way that it could never be describable. I love you so much. You're perfect inside and out and I would never stop loving you till my last day, Because you mean the world to me♡ Happy birthday my love !